Leruetattoosupply.com is now live!

We've been hard at work designing a new e-commerce website.

Thank you for making Lerue Tattoo Supply the premier tattoo supply delivery service in Georgia.  

We now have an easy to use and highly functional e-commerce website.  Check it out at leruetattoosupply.com.  

The new website provides a variety of functionality not previously available to our clients:

  • Pay online by credit/debit card or PayPal.  
  • Inventory is now integrated so that you can check the current stock of any item through the website.  
  • Nationwide shipping through USPS, UPS, and FedEx
  • Carrier calculated real time shipping quotes.

Lerue Tattoo Supply is focused on the intention of making your supplies as easily available as possible.  Lerue Tattoo Supply Local Delivery is still an excellent and available option.  We deliver same or next day Sunday-Thursday.  Really, the we is an I (just me: Cabot), and I tattoo from noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.  This doesn't leave much time for deliveries to go out on those days.  You can still order online, email me at cabot@leruetattoo.com, or call 470-777-2054 to place an order on Friday or Saturday.  Typically those orders won't make it out until Sunday afternoon, but if you really need something one of those days, call me, and maybe we can arrange to meet before I head in to the shop. 

  • Delivery is free within 10 miles of downtown Atlanta.  
  • Delivery is $4 for studios greater than 10 miles but less than 40 miles from downtown
  • $4 Delivery is also available within 10 miles of Macon, GA

Thank you for choosing Lerue Tattoo Supply.


Ink caps on deck. Made in USA.

Here's a weird thing I've noticed: the made in China regular tapered ink caps are smaller than normal in each size and have a lump on the bottom from molding that makes them unstable and want to tip over, even when you slide them through some A&D to stick them to your set-up. Mine are manufactured in Pennsylvania, and the lump is much smaller. They're the same as the ones that I've always purchased for my own use through another reputable supply company.  They come in the normal US pipe cap sizes that you're used to: #10, #16, and #22. They sit there just fine without spilling all your fucking ink everywhere.


Madacide is in stock today.

I'm picking up my first shipment from Mada Medical in just a few minutes. I'll be stocking Madacide-1 and Madacide FD in gallons. At Hill Street Tattoo, we've typically used the Fast Drying version with alcohol. When I was an apprentice at All or Nothing Tattoo back in 2010, we usually ordered Madacide-1 alcohol free. Since we typically wipe everything down after letting it sit long enough to sanitize at tattoo shops, I think they're equally user friendly. Take your pick. Save on shipping. Have your hard surface disinfectant delivered for free locally.


Online ordering is now active!

I spent some hours the last few days getting online tattoo supply ordering set up.  All the items that I carry now have descriptions and product photos.  That's definitely a more interactive option versus a simple list of what I carry.  I'm offering very reasonably priced shipping and of course--free local delivery.  I'll have to see how the shipping goes.  I may have to adjust the price calculation in the future.  I'm sending direct mail flyers out tomorrow.  I found over 100 tattoo shops within reasonable driving distance.  That's basically Acworth to Warner Robins.  


Lerue Tattoo Supply is open for business.

I've started a tattoo supply company in Atlanta.  I'm currently focusing on building a solid clientele of Atlanta tattoo shops who want the convenience of free local delivery.  I carry prepackaged sterilized needles on bar and disposable tubes from TatSoul.  I use their needles personally every day and find that the quality control and consistency is excellent.  I encourage you to check out the list of what I carry.  I try to be as competitive as possible with my pricing, but, since I'm just starting, and the volume of my purchases from some manufacturers is lower than other more established national suppliers, I may be a buck or two higher here or there.  The reduced shipping cost should more than offset that extra expense.  I'll soon be expanding into online ordering, and I have some ideas about cost effective shipping that I think you'll find you like.  



Currently knocking down my second full year as a professional tattooer.


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