Lerue Tattoo Supply is open for business.

I've started a tattoo supply company in Atlanta.  I'm currently focusing on building a solid clientele of Atlanta tattoo shops who want the convenience of free local delivery.  I carry prepackaged sterilized needles on bar and disposable tubes from TatSoul.  I use their needles personally every day and find that the quality control and consistency is excellent.  I encourage you to check out the list of what I carry.  I try to be as competitive as possible with my pricing, but, since I'm just starting, and the volume of my purchases from some manufacturers is lower than other more established national suppliers, I may be a buck or two higher here or there.  The reduced shipping cost should more than offset that extra expense.  I'll soon be expanding into online ordering, and I have some ideas about cost effective shipping that I think you'll find you like.  

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